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Just what is the Ultimate Tradie Vehicle??

Holden Colorado Ute Ultimate Tradie Vehicle
Just what is the Ultimate Tradie Vehicle??

Like any major investment it is important to do the research. Just what is the ultimate tradie vehicle? What exactly are the features that would prompt you to purchase or upgrade your current vehicle?

Different trades obviously have different requirements. Whether it is storage, comfort, durability, engine capacity or economy, just what makes a vehicle right for you?

Let’s look at some of the vehicles currently on the market that are popular with tradespeople as work vehicles. This is a quick snapshot of vehicles.

Toyota Hilux

Trending with tradies these are priced between $22,325 and $64,490. A very popular vehicle amongst tradies with a reasonable price tag. Known to be tough as nails and reliable. Tailor your vehicle to your budget and your needs. Comes with five-year warranty with a bonus two years if you service with Toyota.

Toyota Hilux Ute Ultimate Tradie Vehicle

Ford Ranger

Reasonably priced between $28,340 to $76,290 the Ranger is another popular vehicle option. Excellent towing capacity, stylish with plenty of grunt. There’s a model to suit your budget and your needs. Economical and reliable with a five-year, unlimited kilometre warranty.

Ford Ranger Ute Ultimate Tradie Vehicle

Toyota Landcruiser

With a starting price between $71,210 and $75,418 the Cruiser is a hefty investment. Beloved by many they have a reputation for reliability, and they are a popular choice on mine sites and amongst tradies. Plenty of room for tools the addition of toolboxes is often useful. Heavy duty workhorse, largest engine and superior off-road capability. Five-year warranty with a bonus two years if you service with Toyota.

Toyota Landcruiser Ute Ultimate Tradie Vehicle

Mitsubishi Triton

$22,490 – $52,790, – Economical and great value for money. Reputable and reliable this is a vehicle for the medium budget. Suitable for towing, slightly less powerful. Five-year new car warranty normally. If purchased by end of financial year 7 year, 150000km warranty.

Mitsubishi Triton Ute Ultimate Tradie Vehicle

Holden Colorado

$31,690 to $57,190. This ute is quiet and drives well. With a 2.8-litre four-cylinder turbo-diesel engine the Colorado is well equipped and reasonably priced. Tows well with maximum torque, low in the rev range. Seven year, 175000km warranty.

Holden Colorado Ute Ultimate Tradie Vehicle

Nissan Navara

prices range from $26,500 to $65,990 the Navara excels at comfort. A 2.3-litre diesel engine known for reliability across the brand. Great for city and lower load driving. Five-year unlimited kilometre warranty.

Nissan Navara Ute Ultimate Tradie Vehicle

Mazda BT-50

Priced at $29,060 to $63,250 depending on model. Economical and reliable. Plenty of grunt, towing capacity and features. Comparable to other brands in quality and style. Five-year, unlimited kilometre warranty.

Mazda BT50 Ute Ultimate Tradie Vehicle

Isuzu DMax

$26,666 to $56,490 – Isuzu tough as you would expect from the manufacturer of the most popular small truck. Reliable, economical and very popular. Towing capacity is great, well placed in the market as priced competitively. Stylish presentation and quality. Five year, 130000 kilometre warranty.

Isuzu D-Max Ute Ultimate Tradie Vehicle

Volkswagen Amarok

Priced at between $38,490 and $72,790 depending on your model preference. The Amarok is high tech, reliable, German precision engineering. Great for towing, great mileage, economical and all you would expect from Volkswagen. Five-year, unlimited kilometre warranty.

Volkswagen Amarok Ute Ultimate Tradie Vehicle

Overall, they are all good quality vehicles, ultimately it comes down to personal preference and features specific to your trade and requirements. With Tax breaks for tradespeople there has never been a better time to upgrade or purchase a new work vehicle. We are here to help @CarFinance4You. We are a professional, experienced team ready and waiting for your application. Let us take the stress out of buying a vehicle. Check out our insta, Facebook and or call us 1300 862 775. No application rejected and 100% finance is available. So, make the call today and the next picture could be you driving away.

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